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Talking on the phone while driving, drinking and driving, texting while driving, or talking to a fellow passenger while driving – these may seem normal to inattentive, careless drivers. But to you, they can turn out to be life-threatening. You may be the most careful driver on the road, but you never know when these careless guys come your way. And honestly, you shouldn’t forgive these guys. If they are responsible for an accident, they should pay for your medical bills and full treatment.

But how would you report your case to claim compensation for your damages? That’s where the Law Office of Robert C. Shea comes in. We will help you pin down the offender and make him pay for his heinous crime. Our representatives are available 24 x 7. Call us at 508 506 5681 to set up an appointment, and allow us to start the court proceedings right away.

Car accident statistics in Attleboro

Attleboro isn’t one of the cities that see a high number of car accidents every year. But you should still be aware of what to do if you meet with an accident. There were a total of 6 accidents in 2019 and 8 in 2020. The police and the government are doing their best to ensure that the number reaches zero someday.

How much does a car accident lawyer cost?

Law Office of Robert C. Shea won’t force you to pay the lawyer fees upfront. Every case is like a challenge for us. We only charge our clients if we win. You can get in touch with us for a free consultation. We can assess the case and determine your chances of winning. Our lawyers will take up the case even if there is even the slightest chance of claiming compensation from the offender. You can pay us a small percentage of your claimed compensation after we win.

What should I do after a car accident?

We understand that you may feel tensed and nervous after an accident. You may not know what to do next. Please keep the following tips in mind to avoid confusion after an accident:

• Don’t drive away from the accident scene. Stop and get out of the car immediately. This will prevent the opponent from filing a Road Traffic Act case against you.
• Call the police immediately. If you are injured, you can call the paramedics first. Calling the police also helps in receiving claims from your insurance company. They also help in filing a report against the other driver.
• Take a few pictures of the crime scene before the police arrive. Of course, if you are heavily injured, you can skip this step. Taking pictures helps us set up the case properly with proper pieces of evidence.
• Make sure you note down the offender’s car number, make and model, and vehicle registration. It will also be helpful if you can get his name, address, and contact details. These will help the police track his car down if he flees the crime scene.
• Talk to some of the witnesses and see if they agree to testify.
• Contact us as soon as the doctors provide appropriate treatment. It is best to file the case quickly.

What is the average settlement for a car accident?

The average settlement amount depends on your injury. A few cuts and bruises may not provide a huge settlement claim. But you can always ask the offender to compensate for your car damages. Let us handle the case. Our experience in this industry allows us to provide an estimated figure while discussing the case. But we can’t say anything unless we talk to you in person.

When should I get a lawyer for my auto accident?

You should contact a lawyer immediately after the accident. We know that it takes time to recover from the injuries. But it’s better to discuss the case at your convenience so that we can proceed to file the lawsuit and get things rolling in court.

Why do I need a lawyer?

There are three reasons why you should hire a lawyer for a car accident:

• Preparing the case and filing the lawsuit – You may not know the legal procedure to file a car accident lawsuit. Let us do what we are best at while you recover from your injuries.
• Negotiating the settlement – We will negotiate the best settlement with the opposition lawyer. Our lawyers have excellent negotiation skills that ensure you receive handsome compensation.
• Trial preparation – Sometimes, car accident cases go on trial. We will prepare you for the trial by providing questions that the opposing lawyer is most likely to ask.

How much can I expect to receive for my damages?

The compensation amount depends on the severity of your injury and the damages inflicted on your car or property. We should be able to provide an approximate figure after discussing the case with you.

What type of damages can I recover?

• Lost wages
• Repair charges for your car
• Present and future medical bills for your injuries
• Present and future loss of wages due to your injuries

You may also receive punitive charges if you lose your loved one due to the accident.

How is the fault determined?

The judge ultimately decides whether the offender is guilty or not. But we put pieces of evidence together to provide that the convict is guilty. We go through dashcam records, highway cameras and talk to witnesses to determine the driver’s involvement in the accident.

How long do I have to file a claim?

You have three years from the accident date to file a lawsuit against the driver.

How can a lawyer help me file my insurance claim?

All you need to do is hire us to represent your case. We will start by filing the lawsuit, followed by talking to your insurance company to compensate for your car damages and medical treatment.

What can I do if insurance denied my claim?

It’s our duty to convince the insurance company to provide compensation. We will provide the pieces of evidence that prove your innocence.

Do I have a case?

You always have a case once you contact us. We will do our best to win the case on your behalf.

What if the other driver doesn’t have insurance?

It doesn’t matter whether the other driver has insurance or not. He will pay irrespective of insurance.

How can I obtain an accident report?

You can talk to the Attleboro police to get your accident report.

Common car accident injuries

• Neck injuries
• Internal injuries
• Head injuries
• Facial disfigurement
• Back injuries
• Brain injuries
• Death
• Leg and knee injuries
• Spinal cord injuries

Types of car accidents we handle

• Rear-end accidents
• Head-on collisions
• Hit and run accidents
• Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol
• Rideshare accidents
• Reckless driving
• Uninsured motorist
• Rollover accidents
• Distracted driving
• Speeding accidents

If you need any help regarding a car accident case, call us at 508 506 5681. We will start the legal proceedings as soon as you hire us.

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