Car Crashed into a Brockton Cafe: Investigation Still Underway

An unfortunate incident occurred on Sunday early morning when a car crashed into a Brockton cafe located at 912 Crescent Street. Police are currently investigating the case. The café has been identified as Miko’s Café. The police were informed regarding the crash at the café. At the scene of the incident, a car was found crashed into the café.

The condition of the driver is yet to be known. The driver was identified as a white man, aged 38. He was immediately rushed to the Good Samaritan Medical Center for medical care. According to the Brockton police report, the man whose name is not identified yet informed the officers that he lost control over his vehicle then crashed into a Brockton cafe. The driver was traveling eastbound when the incident occurred.

A ticket was given to the driver for violation of marked lanes. Presently, there isn’t any other information available regarding the case.

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