Crash on Route 3 in Bedford: Massachusetts State Police Officer Injured

In a tragic accident, a Massachusetts State Police cruiser was hit by another vehicle. The incident occurred Thursday afternoon. The cruiser was pulled off a highway when it was struck by a vehicle. The crash occurred on U.S. Route 3 southbound side in Bedford. Police revealed that state police major, Mathew Gravini was on duty. He pulled over a Nissan Altima on Route 3. The Massachusetts State Police cruiser was stopped behind the car in the breakdown lane. A Honda CRV struck from behind. The cruiser was a Ford police interceptor.

According to the police, the cruiser of Gravini was pushed towards the right lane. Then the CRV hit the Altima. Gravini was immediately rushed to Lahey Hospital in Burlington. Gravini suffered moderate injuries that were not life-threatening.

The driver of the CRV was identified as a woman from Wilmington, aged 64. She was also taken to Lahey Hospital. She did not suffer any life-threatening injuries, according to the police. Police further discovered that the driver of the Altima, a man from Lowell, aged 24, did not suffer any injuries.

Following the crash, there were several delays on both sides of the highway during the rush hour on Thursday afternoon.

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