Dorchester Hit-And-Run Case: Family of Child Seriously Injured Asks Driver to Turn In

After a tragic  Dorchester hit-and-run case, the family of an 11-year-old boy who sustained serious injuries in the crash spoke publicly to the media on Thursday, September 30. The boy’s father and aunt spoke outside the Boston hospital where the child is hospitalized. 

The boy’s aunt cried and asked the driver believed to be responsible for the crash to turn themselves in. She added that it isn’t fair and the driver should take responsibility for their actions.

The boy, identified as Francis Nedwell, aged 11, was a 5th grader at Roxbury Prep. Nedwell sustained six broken ribs and is currently suffering a lot of pain. The family further added that he has pain all over his body and his liver suffered damages as well. Moreover, he needs help with oxygen for breathing. 

The boy already has a learning disability. The sheer force of the impact was dreadful for the boy as his weight is only 65 pounds. The family said that as the boy was thrown under a parked car due to the force of the impact, people watched in horror. According to the police, the boy was going to school and was just a few blocks away when a driver hit him and ran away. It was around 8 a.m. on Wednesday when the boy was attempting to cross the road near Intervale Street.

On Wednesday night the police identified and recovered a white GMC SUV on Columbia Road suspected to be involved in the Dorchester hit-and-run case. 

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