Fall River Accident; Man Killed in Motorcycle Crash, Identified

In a tragic Fall River accident, a man, aged 31 was killed on Saturday night i.e. 12th June 2021. The man sustained serious injuries following a motorcycle crash.The identification process has been completed by the Bristol County District Attorney’s office.

The Fall River accident happened at the intersection of County Street when a man identified as, Kory Gray from Tiverton, was running a red light on Eastern Avenue when he crashed into the back of a car. The car has been identified as a Honda Accord, 2015 make, said Thomas Quinn. No charges have been filed. The Fall River police immediately rushed to the scene of the accident as they received a report of an accident with serious injuries. The police found gray lying northbound side of Eastern Avenue.

It has been revealed by the Police that Gray could not sustain his injuries and died at the scene of the crash, whereas the driver of the car was uninjured. There were no other reported injuries at the scene.

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Source: https://turnto10.com/news/local/man-killed-in-motorcycle-accident-in-fall-river-identified

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