Injured Woman Remained Trapped Inside Vehicle in a Head-On Crash in Brockton

Following a head-on crash in Brockton, near Irving Street at 142 Summer St., an injured woman remained trapped in the vehicle for more than half an hour. The firefights diligently tried to rescue the woman in the car. The accident occurred Sunday morning, March 28, around 2:32 a.m.

The vehicle was identified as a Honda Sedan. Another vehicle involved in the crash was identified as a Subaru Sedan. Initially, it was suspected that multiple people would be trapped inside the car following this head-on crash in Brockton, according to Fire Captain Stephen McLean.

The police’s investigation has reported that a Holbrook man, aged 49, was driving the Subaru and was headed north on Summer Street before the crash. A Taunton woman, aged 36, was headed southbound on the same road prior to the head-on collision. The Honda, which was being driven by the Taunton woman, crashed into the Subaru when the Honda crossed the center line, police Lt. Paul Bonanca said.

Two sets of the Jaws of Life hydraulic extrication tools were used by the firefighters to free the woman from her car. The diligence of these firefighters took about 35 minutes until the lady was finally free, shortly after 3:05 a.m. It has been reported that both drivers were taken to Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton by separate Brewster ambulances to cater to their injuries. However, officials have reported that none of the injuries were severe enough to be classified as life-threatening.

No charges were filed as of early Sunday afternoon, but the police have stated that the crash remains under investigation.

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