Man Rescued From Crash by Good Samaritans on Massachusetts Highway

A vehicle rolled over six times after which two retired nurses helped in pulling a man out of a burning car Sunday afternoon on Massachusetts Highway. Many strangers rushed to take out the driver from the passenger window after witnessing the horrific accident on Interstate 495 in Wrentham. Flames were emerging from the engine compartment burning the car after the Massachusetts Highway accident.

Arnold Kawadler, aged 72 along with his wife Ellen, aged 68 were the first on the scene to help the man. They revealed how everyone worked together to take the driver out. The further added that the driver was lucky to sustain only minor injuries to his hand in this deadly crash.

A retired nurse from Sharon further added that he was lucky that he got out of the car and could walk. On Saturday, Sharon and her husband were on I-495 near the exit for Route 1A in Wrentham towards the north.

The couple witnessed the car drifted and hit some dirt after which it rolled over six to seven times. Arnold pulled over immediately and rushed to help the driver; meanwhile, a fire broke. As they reached, the driver was struggling to get out with his head through the front passenger window.

Ellen tried to pull the driver but failed. They both tried but they needed more help. Four other people rushed over to lift the driver out. No other passenger was in the car.

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