Wall Collapse Kills a Man in Newton Construction Site Accident

A man died under the debris of a collapsed 10-foot wall in a Newton construction site accident around 8 a.m. on Thursday, May 6. The man, aged 55, was a Massachusetts construction worker. An autopsy is scheduled.

At the construction site, a concrete wall suddenly collapsed over a worker. The construction site was the backyard of a home and it has been reported that the man was trapped under debris. 

According to Newton Fire Department Chief Gino Lucchetti, the rescue team had to dig the man out of the debris, as it was on top of the person. He further adds that initially it was a rescue operation to save the person but after a certain time, the team realized the person under debris won’t be viable so the rescue operation turned into a recovery operation. 

The victim of the Newton construction site accident has not yet been identified. The deceased was working on the foundation of the home when the wall collapsed that forced him to the ground. He lost his life at the scene of the incident. The permit of the building depicts that the incident site was a part of an extensive remodel of the home. The wall was planned to be three-sided and filled with dirt to support the patio.

The construction company has not yet commented on the incident. The investigation of the case is still underway by police, occupational health and safety administration, and district attorney’s office.

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Source: https://www.wmur.com/article/man-dies-wall-collapses-home-under-construction/36372346

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