Dog Bites

Animal Attack Attorney Helping Residents of BrocktonA dog bite may be a painful and terrifying experience for a victim. Whether the animal is familiar to you or a dog that attacks you while you are out in a public space, you can potentially seek compensation from the owner of the dog that bit you. There are many types of damages that you can potentially recover, and seeking the full amount of compensation that you deserve with the assistance of an injury attorney is important. Brockton dog bite lawyer Robert C. Shea can assist you with assessing your claim, negotiating with insurance companies, and potentially bringing a lawsuit after a dog bite accident.

Hold a Careless Pet Owner Liable for a Dog BiteA dog bite may give rise to a personal injury claim. When it comes to dog bites, Massachusetts has adopted a strict liability standard. This means that a dog bite victim does not need to show that the owner was negligent to recover compensation. Also, the victim does not need to prove that the dog that attacked them has a history of viciousness or has injured another person in the past. However, the victim does need to show that the defendant is the lawful owner of the animal and that the victim did not do anything to provoke the dog into attacking them. Massachusetts courts have also adopted a presumption that any child under the age of seven who is attacked will be presumed to not have provoked or teased the dog, but the defendant may challenge this presumption with evidence to the contrary.

The final step of a dog bite lawsuit involves providing evidence supporting the amount of compensation that you are claiming in the case. One of the most significant types of compensation that may be available to a dog bite victim is medical expenses. Dog bites may require substantial medical treatment, including surgery, physical therapy, and medication. If the bite leaves a scar or another disfigurement, the victim may seek compensation for emotional pain and suffering as well as the trauma associated with the scar. Additionally, if the victim is required to miss work as a result of the attack, they may seek compensation for missed wages. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you assess your claim and identify the items of damages that may have resulted from the bite.

Retain a Brockton Lawyer for a Dog Bite CaseThe Law Office of Robert C. Shea is committed to treating each client with the dedication, compassion, and personalized attention that they deserve after a traumatic injury. Brockton dog bite attorney Robert C. Shea represents people in North Easton, South Easton, and Stoughton, as well as other areas of Plymouth, Norfolk, and Bristol Counties. Call us at 781-844-2042 or contact us online to set up a free initial consultation at which we can explore the options that may be available to you. We can also represent you if you need a premises liability attorney or assistance with asserting your rights in another type of personal injury claim.

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