Traumatic Brain Injuries and Concussions

Experienced Accident Attorney Representing Victims in BrocktonSome of the most devastating injuries that may result from an accident involve the victim’s head. Traumatic brain injuries and concussions may require extensive, costly treatments and even affect the rest of a victim’s life. Their family also may be affected if they are no longer able to receive financial and emotional support from their loved one. Brockton brain injury lawyer Robert C. Shea represents Massachusetts victims and families who are confronted with this devastating situation. Many accidents are preventable results of someone else’s carelessness, and that person or entity should be held accountable for the harm that their actions have caused.

Seeking Compensation for a Traumatic Brain Injury or ConcussionConcussions or other brain injuries may result from a wide variety of accidents, such as car crashes, slip and falls, or job-related incidents. The legal argument supporting a claim may vary according to the circumstances, but typically a personal injury case will be based on the theory of negligence. This means that a defendant did not use the appropriate level of care in a certain situation, which is usually defined as what a reasonable person would do. For example, a driver is expected to act safely behind the wheel, rather than running a red light, driving while intoxicated, or texting behind the wheel. Similarly, a business or another property owner needs to monitor the condition of their property and take reasonable actions to address any hazards that may arise.

To assert the right to compensation, a victim will need to show not only that the defendant failed to use proper care but also that their careless actions directly caused the victim’s injuries. The accident must have been something that likely would not have happened if the defendant had met the applicable standard of care. Moreover, it must have been a reasonably foreseeable result of the defendant’s careless conduct. Since brain injuries unfortunately tend to result in long-term or even permanent consequences, many types of damages may be available. These may include not only economic costs like medical bills, the costs of future treatment, and lost income but also intangible damages like pain and suffering.

The Massachusetts statute of limitations provides a certain time window within which a victim must bring a personal injury claim. To preserve your right to compensation, it is important to take action as promptly as possible after an accident. This is also useful in preserving valuable evidence that may help prove your claim.

Consult a Brockton Lawyer for Your Brain Injury CaseAn accident that results in head trauma may change your life in a moment. At the Law Offices of Robert C. Shea, we recognize the many layers of challenges that a victim and their loved ones may face, and we are committed to asserting their rights with the vigor that they deserve. Assisting people in North Easton, South Easton, Stoughton, and other areas of Norfolk, Bristol, and Plymouth Counties, dedicated Brockton brain injury attorney Robert C. Shea is familiar with each phase of the legal process. He can help you navigate settlement negotiations or a trial with equal ease. Call us at 781-844-2042 or contact us online to set up a free consultation with a personal injury or wrongful death attorney.

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