“I cannot speak highly enough about Robert C. Shea’s work as legal counsel for me and my wife. My wife was in a car accident that left a scar on the front of her nose. Within seconds of receiving her call from the hospital, I told her not to do anything else until I talked to Bob. From the moment I called Bob until the day we received the settlement check, he handled every step of the process with efficiency, precision, and professionalism, and was exceptionally aware of my wife’s sensitivity about her injury. We were more than pleasantly surprised with the settlement, and felt that Bob got maximum results while requiring us to put in almost zero effort. I highly recommend contacting Robert C. Shea if you ever need legal advice or counsel, and I can’t imagine using anyone else (and I’m an attorney!). 5 stars, would trust again.” -Brett H. 

“Robert Shea is an excellent personal injury lawyer; I have used him for two cases with great results. I highly recommend him if you have in a car accident or are injured in a slip and fall accident.” –Michael D. 

“Robert Shea came to me highly recommended in a moment when I was in need of help. Having Robert’s assistance not only reduced my stress but also maximized the results of my claim. I can’t thank Robert enough.” -Michelle A. 

“Robert Shea handled my case in a professional and timely manner. He always returned my calls or messages promptly. I would highly recommend him to friends and family.” -Kerri C. 

“Mr. Shea handled a very stressful and traumatic event with the utmost courtesy, diligence, and respect; I would recommend his law office to everyone. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and relieved much of the burden off my shoulders. Thank you so much for everything.” -Whitney H. 

“I have referred a number of friends, family, and clients to Attorney Shea for personal injury matters. Results have always been excellent. He is a true advocate for his clients and has been a great resource for me for a variety of legal matters.” -Matt S. 

“Robert responded to my emailed inquiry immediately, and made himself personally available by telephone (something you don’t always get with an attorney!). I didn’t have to sit around for days waiting for a response, chewing my nails and wondering if an assistant would get my story straight. And while Robert does not practice the kind of law I needed, he discussed my case with me on the phone personally, was very generous with his time, and followed through on his offer to pass my inquiry onto a couple of other attorneys who did practice the kind of law I need. I couldn’t have been more kindly received, and I appreciate his approachability and professionalism very much. Highly recommend!!” -Kitt R. 

“Couldn’t have been a better experience with Attorney Shea. Highly recommend.” -Brian B. 

“Professional, thorough and reliable. Attorney Shea handles all aspects of the firm with passion and a strong dedication to the task at hand. He is driven by the goal of deliverying the most favorable results for his clients.” -Patrick F. 

“Best in the business!” -Jeff D. 

“Robert is in a league of his own when it comes to representing his clients. I was shopping around for an attorney for a long time and his name kept being mentioned to me. Robert is very well known and respected throughout the state of MA.” -Matt G. 

“Robert was prompt on getting back to me. Robert gave me great assistant and answers I needed! Thank you!!” -Vincent T. 

“The Law Office Of Robert C. Shea was the best phone call I have ever made. Bobby not only called me back after hours to help coach me through a number of issues and concerns I had, he even made a personal visit to make sure I felt at ease with the situation and how he was going to handle it. I have since referred several friends his way and all of them have thanked me for making the introduction. Thank you Bobby for all of your help and hard work!” -T.W.

“If you are looking for a truly professional and caring criminal law attorney look no further. I have consulted Bobby on a number of issues both personally and professionally. He is always prompt in getting back to me by phone and actually listens to what I have to say. I can highly recommend Bobby’s professional services!!!” –Julia D. 

“Recently I was rear-ended on 93 – I was ok but there was a significant amount of damage to my vehicle and I was a little shaken up. Mostly I was frustrated because I had no idea what steps I needed to take to make sure I handled everything correctly. My father happened to be in a meeting with Attorney Shea and mentioned that I had just been rear-ended. Bobby texted me and told me to give him a call when I was done at the scene. It was clear there wasn’t a case for him because I had no injuries, however Bobby took the time to walk me through every question I had – who to notify, what paperwork to get ready, etc. He also walked me through how to handle any medical visits for the accident if I did start to feel any worse after the adrenaline died down. This is the type of top notch service you can expect from Attorney Shea – he only makes money if he wins your case, but he will take time from his day to help out any prospective client regardless of whether or not there is a potential case for him.” -John C. 

“I could not be happier with how Rob handled my case. He responded to all of my questions in a timely manner and kept me up to date on the progress of the case throughout the last 20 months. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone who is looking for a personal injury attorney. Hopefully I will not need Rob’s services in the future but at least I know who to contact in case I do. Attorney Rob Shea is a class act!” -Dan O. 

“Mr. Shea is extremely accessible and responsive and provides complete information. We appreciate all the assistance he has given to our family.” -Brian W. 

“Robert was invaluable in helping my family and I through a very difficult time. He was on top of all aspects of both of my cases: deadlines, corresponding with opposing counsel, corresponding with the courts, corresponding with me, and he actively pursued and advocated for solutions that kept my families interests first.” –Shayna L. 

“#1 lawyer in Massachusetts!” -Ed K. 

“My, My, My … let the pen <keyboard> proceed to paint the picture. Being a retired member of the military, where the environment not only requires but demands communication, as perhaps, the single most important factor in the success of any mission. Mr. Shea, clearly demonstrates an outstanding ability in two areas. First: No matter what time I called Mr. Shea <within minutes, sometimes seconds> via phone, e-mail, or smoke signal returned my call. Second: The, “Devils’ in the Details.” Mr. Shea made sure every ‘I’ was dotted and ‘T’ crossed and went above and beyond to make sure I understood the Devil’s details and the ramifications thereof. Simply stated, he’s the best!” –Mac

“I would highly recommend Robert Shea to anyone! Following my online inquiry he responded immediately and was able to schedule me for an appointment the following day. Robert and his staff were professional, to the point, and made this process a lot easier for me.” -Colleen C. 

“I highly recommend Robert and his firm. He is very professional and always keeps us up to date with status reports.” -Brian M. 

“Great experience, would highly recommend to anyone who’s been in an auto accident.” -Hugo D. 

“Imagine a scenario where you sitting at a stop light and another vehicle rear ends you out of nowhere. You come out with injuries and a damaged car. I assumed my car insurance would cover my medical bills but boy was I wrong. I had an $8000 PIP deductible so it made no sense to pay that amount. This is where’ the stress me anxiety started to kick in. “How would I pay my medical pills even though I wasn’t at fault in this accident?” I was reluctant to call a lawyer to handle my case but I felt I had no choice and wasn’t experienced enough to handle the insurance company on my own. I called Robert and from the very beginning I felt at peace with him and a load was lifted off my shoulders. We sued the insurance company’ and he got me a decent amount of money for my case. He also advised me on a minor traffic case that worked out in my favor and saved me hundreds of dollars. I’d definitely recommend Robert for any personal injury or criminal case. Thanks again Robert.” -Xavier B. 

“I sit on the Board of Directors as President for a small non-profit organization. When we encountered a situation with a vendor that could have had legal ramifications, we turned to Robert for guidance. We couldn’t be happier with that decision. He was able to help us resolve the issue quickly and effortlessly, keeping us informed regularly along the process. I strongly recommend Robert to anyone needing sound legal representation. He has a true gift; being able to offer straight forward, no-nonsense legal advice and support, while simultaneously being compassionate.” -Rubina

“After me and my wife were in a accident, we gave Attorney Robert Shea a call. The experience was incredible. Punctual, effiecient, and reliable are just a few of the many stellar qualities he and his office possess. Highly recommended to anyone in need of an attorney. Thanks again Attorney Shea.” -Terrell H.

“Very professional and responsive! Results were better than expected! Highly recommend their service!” -Betty K. 

“I had medical bills from a car accident, where I was rear ended 2+ years ago, that the insurers were ignoring. Robert was diligent in chasing all parties, getting the right access to medical records, etc.. The insurers paid all bills after the firm’s help. Robert even managed to negotiate a settlement amount for me which was over & above of what I asked him to do. I would highly recommend this firm. Thanks again!” -Holly B. 

“I couldn’t have been more satisified with the work Robert Shea did in regards to my injury claim. He handled everything while keeping me in the loop the entire time through the process of my case. I’m so glad I was referred to him and I highly recommend him!” -Jason G. 

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Att. Shea. Robert is very knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. He went the extra mile for me and my family when we really needed his services. I highly recommend him!” -Carl A. 

“Very pleased with the outcome and service I received when using Rob C Shea. Very easily contacted and he gets right back to you. Everything is very professional and taken care of in a timely fashion. I highly recommend him & his team !” –Heidi D. 

“Attorney Shea was excellent with my case he responded fast to my questions and kept me up to date on my case status!” -Malida T.

“Attorney Shea is very knowledge and experienced, always helpful and accommodating. Unlike many in his profession, he promptly returns calls/ responds to emails and truly provides excellent service. Highly recommended!!!” -Itamar C. 

“Attorney Shea is the best attorney known to man! You’d never regret working with such a phenomenal man, guaranteed best service. He’s quick, efficient & cares about his clients!!” -Brisharra J. 

“Great Lawyer, Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Received more than I expected. Highly recomended!” -Ivis Q.

“Highly recommended, very Professional and communication was great! Thankyou again Robert!!! 5star!!!” -Eric F.

“Professional. Very clean office environment. Responsive. Excellent client service. Prompt. Respectful. I mean the list goes on and on. I would definitely recommend Robert, he is the attorney ! kallie is awesome, always friendly and patient ! Although it was a journey and a process they definitely helped make my experience serene as I was handled with care, very much appreciated. Satisfaction, well that’s an understatement. THANK YOU !!!” Darnelle A. 

“I am completely satisfied with the outcome and service I received when using Robert C.Shea. The results were better than I expected. He responded quickly and kept me updated on my case. If you are looking for the best personal injury attorney around,I highly recommend him!” Taeyah B.

“My experience with Rob was great! This was my first time getting into an accident and Rob made the process so easy and easy to understand. At the initial meeting, he laid everything out step by step in a way that I would understand. He was always quick to answer all my emails and questions. I also loved how he provided me updates on my case as they came in. I would highly recommend Rob to everyone!” Krista S.

“Robert Shea came to me highly recommended in a moment when I was in need of help. Having Robert’s assistance not only reduced my stress but also maximized the results of my claim. I can’t thank Robert enough.” –Michelle A.

“Robert was great, very helpful. He always kept me in the loop on the progress of my case, asked me before making any decisions. I would recommend him to anyone needing a personal injury lawyer, anyone who got into a car accident etc.”
– Brandy S.

“I cannot express in words how wonderful Robert has been as my attorney. Robert was extremely professional, but also caring and kind. Throughout the course of my case, Robert kept me up to date on all matters either via phone or email. I never wondered the status and was always informed. In the end, I had a positive result and attribute it to his diligence and honesty throughout the process.”
– Trina G.

“My wife and I had Mr. Shea as our attorney for a motorcycle accident a few years back. He was very professional, responsive and sympathetic to us in our time of need. I have and will continue to recommend him to anybody that needs representation.”
– Matt E.

“Mr. Shea, or Bobby as i was told to call him was very knowledgable, friendly and responsive. Every question I had, and there were many, he answered. i would recommend his services to anyone I come across. A pleasure to work with and gave me a successful settlement with very little effort needed on my part other than filling in the blanks. I had been rear ended and my vehicle was totaled, I was sent to the hospital with a concussion. Not having been through this process before and being concussed was extremely stressful but Bobby was able to help ease the concerns after our first meeting, and then I was just along for the ride to the finish. Thanks again Bobby”
– Michael 

“Almost two years ago now I was in a terrible car accident where a night out ended up in the hospital. A drunk driver ran into the car behind us and we were then hit by them. Long story short, the pain and suffering was one thing.. But having the weight of many medical bills and back and fourth phone calls with insurances and a whole year of paperwork lifted off my shoulders because of Robert Shea. I am very thankful for. He always kept in touch and made sure I was updated and involved with everything. I am very happy I had him as my lawyer because if it weren’t for him I would of had a lot more to deal with besides just my injuries. With the help of Robert Shea I was able to be able to attend physical therapy and see a chiropractor and not have to worry about any legal stress behind the events of the car accident I was in. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know.
– Nicole

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